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QWERTY keyboards v. Dvorak Simplified Keyboard

January 15, 2009

who knew? The qwerty keyboard was designed by a man named C.L. Sholes for the typewriter.

the simple way to explain it is that it was designed to slow typewriters down because in the ancient world with typewriters, the keys used to clash and jam when arranged in a certain order. By putting the letters in this strange way, the keys next to each other were not used simultaneously as much so the keys wouldnt clash. Instead of slowing people down back then, it would speed up the type writing abilities because the type writer would not jam as much…

HOWEVER…, there was another design called Dvorak Simplified Keyboard.


its arranged weird, you can read about it here. basically, with this arrangement, you can type 400 words per a minute compared to the QWERTY keyboard which is 100 words per a minute. It doesn’t really matter though because, computers now do not jam and type really fast anyways but since i cant type well, maybe this arrangement will help me 😀

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