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The Conspiracy of Emotions

November 11, 2010


“…you know, sometimes an electric lightbulb goes out all of a sudden. Fizzles, you say. And this burned-out bulb, if you shake it, it flashes again and it’ll burn a little longer. Inside the bulb it’s a disaster. The wolfram filaments are breaking up, and when the fragments touch, life returns to the bulb. A brief, unnatural, undeniably doomed life– a fever, a too-bright incandescence, a flash. Then comes the darkness, life never returns, and in the darkness the dead, incinerated filaments are just going to rattle around. Are you following me? But the brief flash is magnificent!”

” I want to shake…

“…I want to shake the heart of a fizzled era. The lightbulb of the heart, so that the broken peices touch…

“… and produce a beautiful, momentary flash….

Envy– Yuri Olesha



Hot Pocket Commercial

September 26, 2010

Why you so stupid? You no hungry for girls! You hungry for Hot Pockets!

Let’s go fly a kite

September 10, 2010

With tuppence for paper and strings
You can have your own set of wings
With your feet on the ground
You’re a bird in a flight [via.]

RIP George Steinbrenner

July 13, 2010

Most of you who know me, know that I am not a Yankees fan, but still…

George Steinbrenner  diedof a heart attack in his home in Tampa, Florida on tuesday morning. via.

The days gone by

July 8, 2010

By Ulvinne

I need inspiration.

He makes the clouds his chariots

July 7, 2010

… and rides on the wings of the wind. Fly like the wind (original) by my favorite fingerstyle guitarist. Off to Pennsylvania for a retreat, be back in a couple of days!

RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time

July 6, 2010

Makes my brain hurt but it’s interesting stuff.

thanks dooybrain!